That vixen! That bitch!.
She threw me out again. Again!. This was not the first, the second or even the third time(this must have been the millionth time).God!. She cast me out into the ‘wild’ where I waded amongst several.
  She was a shy and kind-hearted lady, free to the whims of the world, taking others in,  with speed,  as if she was inhaling them. But…she always returned to me. No matter what I did. She always comes back to me.
Life crawled past slowly, I felt like I was floating in indecision, slowly changing, morphing from one thing to another. I waited in trepidation. For her to call me back. So did I wait and wait…and wait. Despair slowly crushing me as I did, flattening and crushing me. Coursing through me was raw, painful, flesh wrenching fear. I wandered close to her again to hear her voice for I believed “she’s not taking me back.”
Suddenly, her calm lilting voice reached me.
“It’s over”
I broke down.
Two breaths away, a young lady dropped the phone she used to break up with her boyfriend and took a deep breath.
She let me in.
Forever returning.
Forever oxygen.